House Beautiful ‘Kitchen of the Year’

The honor of House Beautiful “Kitchen of the Year 2014” has been given to a remodel by San Francisco designer Steven Miller. White be gone. Black is the new black, apparently? What do you think? All photos courtesy House Beautiful:  
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Available Properties in Durango, Telluride and Pagosa Springs

It’s still a buyers’ market in Southwest Colorado, though the needle is steadily moving toward balance with sellers’ interests. Here’s a quick availability check of available vacant properties for sale around the region: Durango (in-town):  81 vacant lots...
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Five Smart Home Technologies That Are Worth Looking Into

Technology for the home has gone far beyond programmable thermostats. Of course, we’re preaching to the choir, as many Black Canyon Builders’ clients come to us with advanced ideas for incorporating tech into the home. If you’re not an “early...
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Burn After Reading: Second Home in Silverton, Colorado

Some towns are like pristine surf spots or hidden powder stashes. You know you have no right to feel ownership of them, yet there’s a part of you that wants to keep them a secret. At the same time, there’s a drive to share something so extraordinary. Silverton,...
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Three Essentials to Energy Efficient Home Design

Photo courtesy: Shenandoah Durango What’s the first thought that comes to mind when you think energy efficiency? Most of us jump to Energy Star-rated appliances, LED lights and efficient heating and cooling systems. Some people may include material options like SIPs panels,...
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The Role of Advising in Custom Home Construction

Continuing education isn’t often associated with fine homebuilding. So much of the skill and craftsmanship of high quality builders is acquired over years of practice and based on techniques that may have been around for decades, if not longer in many cases. But techniques...
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Black Canyon Builders, kitchen design, courtesy Sojo Design

Ideas for Your Dream Kitchen

Image: Refined Lonestar by Sojo Design We typically don’t use our blog space to simply click over to another website. But today, when I sat down to curate my own list of current trends and timeless styles for the kitchen, I came across a truly excellent image gallery,...
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Internal timber framing, Carriage House, Black Canyon Builders, Durango, CO

Excellent Resource: Glossary of Timber Frame Building Terms

Did you know that your local lumber store may consider any piece of solid wood with a cross section side of more than five inches a “timber?” But mill construction, which is a way of building that minimizes fire risks with materials and design, specifies that timbers...
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Rainbow, copyright Jared Ogden for Black Canyon Builders, Durango, Colo.

Welcome Home! Black Canyon Builders’ New Website

Welcome to Black Canyon Builders’ new website and blog. We’ve been hard at work – of the online kind – setting up a new website to better reflect how our company has evolved and what we represent. When we began back in 2006, we established a firm mission...
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